About us

           Marmara Co. is a well established Iraqi/ Jordanian based company in the field of industrial and scientific supplies; was founded by both Iraqi and Jordanian highly experienced members in the field of scientific and Industrial supplies, highly qualified and committed to our well established name in the market.

 We provide a wide range of high quality products to our clients at best prices.

            We offer solutions to our clients helping them to perform their best production and services without worrying about the quality level of their suppliers either in the product itself, prices they obtain or commitment of time frame that we deliver their ordered products and services.


           We are leading Supplier of Industrial categories such as Electrical Products. Chemicals, Paints & Coatings, Valves, Fittings, Pipes, Instrumentation and Control Products, Safety clothing and supplies etc…

As well as we are a leading supplier of scientific and laboratory, educational and quality control supplies.


Our Vision

·         To be the preferred supplier of Industrial & Scientific Laboratory products, and technology in our Region.

·         Expanding our business and exploring new markets.

·         Keep searching and obtaining representations for the finest manufacturers and suppliers over the world so that to achieve highest customer satisfactory levels.


Our Supplies

v  Quality Control Laboratory Supplies

·         Water Quality Testing

·         Oil Quality Testing

·         Gas Testing

·         Soil Quality Testing

·         Air Quality Monitoring

·         Chemical Quality Testing

·         Food & Beverage Quality Testing

v  Safety Supplies

Personal Safety:

·          Shoes,

·         Face Shields

·          Face Masks,

·          Gloves,

·          Helmets


v  Safety Tools

·         Fire Extinguishers

·         Hoses

·         Ropes, clamps

v  Training Materials

·         Training Manikins and Simulators

·         Rescue training Supplies

v  Consumables

·         Glassware

·         Plastic ware

v  Measuring Supplies

·         Temperature

·         Viscosity

·         Humidity

·         Spectroscopy

v  Chemicals

·         Bulk Chemicals (Drilling salts, mud, cooling chemicals)

·         Standard Chemicals and Reference Materials for Quality control

v  Healthcare Supplies

·         First aid materials

·         Emergency Materials

·         Medical Equipment

v  General Laboratories Consumables




1.     Centurion Safety Products, UK (Manufacturer of Head & Face Protection)

2.     One Safety, Switzerland France (Manufacturer of Eye Wear Protection)

3.     Europa Safety, UK (Manufacturer of Respiratory Products - Dust Mask)


4. Trueno Safety footwear- Spain

Specialized manufacture of safety footwear. Over the years, experience in the development of new safety footwear, and have always been at the fore of innovation, taking an active part in the adaptation of European Standards, with recognized prestige from the professionals of the sector.




5. Kittiwake Developments Ltd. – UK

Monitoring Innovation.

Oil analysis Solution, on site laboratory.


6.  Pool-ID - Germany

Supplying & Manufacturing of Water Quality Reagents and photometers


7. Filtros Anoia - Spain

Manufacturer specializing in filtration and microfiltration membranes and syringe filters and filtering aids


8. LW - USA

Supplying & Manufacturing of Microscopes


9.  Thomas Scientific - USA

Supplying & Manufacturing of different laboratory supplies


Our Quality Policy

                 The company is dedicated to the quality policy that will ensure that its services fully meet the requirements of its customers at all times. The goal of the company is to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction at all times.



           We have a wide range of clients to whom we provide our products and services. Our clients range in size from Governmental Authorities, International Organizations through to multi-national corporations.



Main Achieved Contracts 2011/2012




1.       Analytical Sensitive Balances/ Nutrition Research Institute

2.       Nanospectrophotometer/ Nutrition Research Institute

3.       Water Purification Equipment/ WHO Iraq

4.       Portable Freezers/ MOH & WHO-UN Iraq

5.       Blood Collection Consumables/ WHO-UN Iraq

6.       Training Manikins for Rescue & CPR/ WHO-UN Iraq

7.       White Boards for Schools/ MOE & WHO Iraq





1.       High Ankle Safety boots/ Jordan Electricity Supply Co.

2.       Safety Helmets/ Jordan Petrol Refinery

3.       Safety Faceshield and Spectacles/ Jordan Petrol Refinery

4.       Safety High Visibility Vest/ Jordan Petrol Refinery

5.       Welding Tools/ Jordan Electricity Supply Co.

6.       Safety Masks for Ammonia gas and Filters/ Jordan Petrol Refinery

7.       Safety Gas Mask/ Jordan Electricity Company

8.       Safety Welding Masks/ Arab Potash Industry

9.       Water Lab Analysis Equipment/ Jordan Ministry of Water

10.   Water Lab Consumables and Glassware/ Jordan Water Company

11.   Water Quality Analysis Instruments and Reagents/ WHO-UN  Jordan

12.   Hospital Medical Equipment/ UNHCR Jordan

13.   Water analysis consumables/ Jordan Water Company




1.      Laboratory Diagnostics/ Private Market

2.      Blood analysis Reagents/ Private Market

Turn Over in US$ 2011-2012

-          Local Market (Private & Government Sectors) at Jordan

USD 366,000.00

-          Export Business (Iraq, Syria and UAE)

USD 170,000.00

-          United Nations ( WHO, UNHCR)

USD 335,000.00


Administration and Finance Director:

Mr. Mohammad Falih Ali / Iraq

BCs. In Business Management and Accounting


Mobile Phone: 00962 786 51 30 30


Executive and Technical Director:

Ms. Rana Ahmad

BCs.  In Biology/ Ecology

Diploma in Medical Laboratories


Mobile Phone: 00962 785 04 04 43



Sales & Marketing

Eng. Eman Al Azze (Miss)

BCs. In Biomedical Engineering


Account and Administration Assistant

Mr. Ehab Husalmeddin Ahmad

BCs. In Accounting

Diploma in Industrial Engineering




Cooperative Corporation:

Trade, Tax and Accounting Consultant

Al- Faisal Group

Mr. Husamedding Ahmad


Legal Consultant

Mr. Samer Abusnene


 Shipping & Forwarding

·         Expeditors International

·         Al A’damya for Shipping to Iraq and inside Iraq .


Head Quarters

Marmara for Scientific & Engineering Supplies w.l.l.

Al Madina Almunawara Street

Building #269, Floor 5



P.O. Box: 926697 Amman 11190

Amman - Jordan


Tel:  00962-6-5545910

Fax: 00962-6-5535910